5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Consider Having Multiple Mentors

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of having more than one mentor and how you can find a mentor to add value to your life.

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Time and time again, we’ve seen the benefits of mentoring on individuals and businesses. Whether that be from our personal experiences or through studies, we know that finding a mentor is a valuable relationship that we should all have. When it comes to mentoring, many people believe that you only need one mentor at a time and that as you grow, you will find a new one to help you with other challenges you may face.

Unfortunately for these people, they are missing out on a massive opportunity. Even with only one good mentor, the results are astonishing, but when you have the opportunity to have more than one, the results will surprise you. Having multiple mentors comes with a multitude of benefits, ranging from faster progression to increased connections. We couldn't agree more with the saying that the more, the merrier!

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of having more than one mentor and how you can find a mentor to add value to your life.

1. Gain New Perspectives and Growth Opportunities

Mentors are invaluable, and having more than one means the possibilities are endless. The role of a mentor is to help advise and guide a mentee during the challenges they face and offer new perspectives on situations. Gaining a new perspective is incredibly important if you want to develop, and being able to receive this from multiple mentors is going to result in a higher chance of success. Having the ability to receive diverse opinions and perspectives from knowledgeable and wise individuals allows you to develop your worldview. It is also essential to receive feedback from others on how they would handle the challenges you face.

Having more than one mentor provides you with new opportunities to grow in your life. For example, having a mentor who covers skills with you and also having one that helps you with your finances, for example, is going to help you grow in more ways than one. No one is an expert in every field and can advise you on all areas of your life, that's why it's essential to expand your knowledge if you want to see improvements. Having multiple mentors is an effective solution to this.

2. Receive Feedback in All Areas

When it comes to mentoring, feedback is an essential part of the relationship. However, when you have just one mentor, the feedback is limited to the situation you find yourself in. Having multiple mentors allows you to gain and receive feedback on different aspects of your life. For example, if you have the help of a mindset mentor, it could transition over to your professional life.

However, even if your mentors are helping you overcome similar challenges, this is still beneficial. One mentor may be able to provide feedback that the other may not even have thought of.

Having more than one mentor ensures that every area is covered, and all blind spots are addressed. This will improve your chances of personal and professional development.

3. Mentoring When You Need It

There's no denying that mentors are busy people. Whether they mentor on the side or they mentor others full-time, they still have personal lives and other important aspects they need to prioritise. Even if you have an attentive mentor, whom you meet every week for a session, there will be times when your mentor may not be there to offer advice and guidance when you need it. That’s why having multiple mentors is a great way to build your support network, having someone there in your time of need.

You must remember that you cannot be angry with your mentor if they have to reschedule or cancel meetings. This is because they have already taken the time out of their life to help you through your challenges. Remember, mentors are only human. If your mentor appears to be struggling, make sure to reach out and see if they require any support. Building a trusting and fulfilling relationship is paramount to mentoring. A mentoring relationship isn't just a one-way street, with both participants gaining from the relationship, so it's important to be respectful and empathetic.

4. Networking Opportunities

One of the main benefits of having one mentor is the networking opportunities, now imagine that multiplied by 3 or 4 for instance. Mentors are there to help their mentees network, by teaching them the most effective ways to do so and offering the mentee the opportunity to connect with their professional network. A good mentor is there to introduce the mentee to individuals of interest who may be able to help them on their development journey, or individuals who could provide exciting opportunities.

When you have more than one mentor, especially for different aspects of your life, you’re unlocking the door to having connections to help you improve in every area and reach your goals. Simply put, the more connections you have, the better.

5. Faster Progression

From increased knowledge to more feedback, the more mentors you have, the faster you’re going to develop. When you surround yourself with multiple mentors, who are interested in helping you develop and reach your goals, the more likely and faster you will achieve them. When you have one mentor, you're limited to their sessions, which may be every week or every month. However, when you have multiple mentors, you'll learn significantly more.

Learning from professionals who have been in similar situations or have already achieved the goals you want, is a great way to learn. When you learn from others' experiences and wisdom, the chances are that you will learn more effectively and have the support and guidance needed to keep moving forward.

Where To Find Mentors

Now you know the benefits of having multiple mentors, let’s talk about where you can find them. Because this is the most challenging step of the process for most people, they often feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to find a mentor, whether they're online or in your local area. These include:

• Ask family and friends: When you're looking for a mentor, don’t forget to ask family and friends if they know anyone who could be of interest. For example, you may be looking for a mentor to help you with social media and your friends may know someone who is the social media manager for a large company. You’ll be truly surprised who your family and friends know. They also know who you are better than anyone else and will know if you and the person would be a good fit for each other.

• Use social media: Arguably, One of the best things to come from the internet is social media. Now, whilst most people use it for posting their lunch or their latest purchase, many professionals use it to not only showcase their talents but also offer advice and guidance. If you have a clear idea of what you need help with, reach out to people who are vocal on the topic and see if they would be interested in mentoring you. LinkedIn is a great social media platform, where you should be able to find a mentor with ease.

• Attend events: Where better to find someone to help you with a challenge you face, than an event dedicated to it? For instance, if you’re looking to progress within your HR career, attend HR networking events. You’ll not only be able to connect with multiple professionals within your area but also see who you think would be a great fit as a mentor, based on your chemistry. We don’t suggest straight up asking someone to be your mentor on the first meeting, but staying in touch and getting to know each other is a great place to get started.

• Use PushFar: PushFar is the world’s leading career progression and mentoring platform, with over 75,000 members across the globe looking to connect with other professionals and share their advice and knowledge. PushFar takes out the sometimes discomfiting situation of asking someone to be a mentor because you know they're already on the platform to help others grow. The PushFar platform can match you to suitable mentors, or you can manually search for the perfect mentor in whichever area you want to develop.

Final Thoughts

Success, progression, and development are something we all strive for, whether that be in our personal life or our professional ones. When you finally find a good mentor, no matter the reason, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results. After reading this article, we hope we were able to change your mindset about only having one mentor and why it’s always a great idea to have multiple. Whether you have 3 mentors on the same topic or each is there to assist you with a different area in your life, finding a mentor is always a step in the right direction to helping you achieve your goals.

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