Change Your Mindset: The Way You Make Decisions

We make decisions every day. Some are small, others are enormous. Changing your mindset and ensuring you can make decisions effectively, is vital to your success. Guest written by Letícia Miranda.

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The power of the decision making is a highly-important factor in transforming the entire situation you are going through, at any given time. Making decisions is an action and attitude which predominates our lives from a very young age. Maybe that's why, when we realise how important it is to make a decision, we simply stop, from fear, insecurity and ultimately create further indecision?

Worse still, is knowing how to deal with the consequences of decisions. If they are positive, that’s great! But if something unexpected happens, the guilt and self-judgment process will generate a feeling of insecurity that will predominate future decision making. In a more serious case, you can become a transmitter of this great problem, transmitting your frustrating experiences to others and, unconsciously, creating a great negative movement that involves the question of decision making.

This is why it is important to discuss attitudes that, if put into practice on a daily basis, can be efficient for your change and assertiveness in making decisions.

Emotional balance
Emotional balance is one of the most important skills to maintain control of. Mental health, in the face of challenges and changes that can occur in all areas of life (whether personal, professional, social, loving or family) is vital. Balance is achieving maximum clarity of thought, whilst making decisions in difficult times. To be achieved, do not allow small and relatively insigificant thoughts to take control. Constantly seek positive visions, give a good meaning to the moments of your life, and improve your way of dealing with unforeseen circumstances, without losing your rationality or despairing about the adversities of life. Above all, stay calm and practice emotional balance continually.

Self Understanding & Confidence
Self-knowledge is fundamental to knowing how to deal with situations in the best possible way. Remember, we are constantly changing and evolving. Hopefully, we are all looking to change for the better. So, we must take the time to reflect, and, if necessary, self-criticise, in order to start to understand how we act in each situation and how we can improve. One common example is individuals who wish to maintain compsure during stressful situations. In these cases, said individuals’ can proactively decide to create the habit of counting slowly to 10, to regain control of the situation.

Develop Goals and Visions
Implementing a practice of regularly developing goals and focusing on visions of self-improvement, can help one to make decisions more effectively, longer-term. The documentary ‘The Secret’ clearly addresses how important and transforming th practice of goal-setting is, in a person's life.

So, if you’re looking at improving the way you make decisions, start to insert these new attitudes into your routine immediately. Understand that you must be patient as the results will not appear immediately but the benefits, longer-term, are huge. Remember, if you are looking for someone to support you in your transformation, a great place to start is a professional mentor. For more great content on self-improvement and professional development, check out our other posts and create a profile for frequent updates.

This article was guest-written by Letícia Miranda.
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