The 5 Mobile Mentoring Apps You Need for Your Mentoring Program In 2021

Who doesn’t love a good app? We’ve compiled our favourites for a successful mentoring program

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The mobile era is among us, with the number of mobile users quickly taking over any other device. Although this is already an industry displaying tremendous growth, statistics show a 23.3% rise in mobile app downloads since the pandemic with an expected 45% overall increase from 2017 by the end of 2021. Mentoring programs are becoming increasingly popular with organisations learning the value they bring for career development. These programs allow employees to gain essential information and provide them with the support and guidance they need within the workplace. The statistics speak for themselves, with people loving the ease of use and convenience of mobile apps, why not incorporate this into your mentoring program?

Listed below are the top 5 apps you need when running a mentoring program:


PushFar is the perfect app for mentoring on the go, helping thousands of individuals and organisations with their mentoring needs. PushFar is the world's leading mentoring and career progression platform, allowing organisations to connect with mentors, mentees and design their very own scalable mentoring program. The platform allows businesses to set custom logos, guidelines and manage user profiles through the administration panel. PushFar technology offers an advanced learning algorithm to give employees suggestions on mentors, mentees, upcoming events and activities.

The app comes with an array of features such as appointment scheduling, task setting, mentor/coach matching, built-in video calling and goal management. The PushFar mentoring app ensures your mentoring program runs efficiently and adequately and is on web, iOS® and Android®.


If your employees are currently working from home, you’ve more than likely heard about slack or used it in the last year. For those who haven’t, Slack is a free messaging app used globally by businesses, changing the way organisations communicate completely. Slack is a great app for bringing the workforce together all in one place, helping your employees work in a connected and flexible way.

This specific app made the list due to its accessibility and inclusivity. Although the platform is full of amazing features, the ability to send a message to everyone at once is perfect for workforce communication. Due to this, Slack is a highly effective way of promoting your mentoring program internally as well as communicating with employees about any updates. The app is also an excellent way for mentees and mentors to connect.


Zoom, a household name for many of us, playing a vital role in the rise of remote working during the pandemic. The cloud-based video conference platform can be used to converse with family and friends or be utilised as a space where organisations can meet and work together as a team. Zoom makes the list due to its ease of use and collaborative features.

There are two key ways Zoom can play an important role in ensuring an exceptional mentoring program at your organisation. Firstly, Zoom can be a wonderful platform to raise awareness of the program, informing all employees via video chat during a team meeting. Secondly, the platform can be used to improve awareness and educate employees, offering webinars on topics such as the significance of the program, how to find a mentor or mentee and the value of mentoring itself.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a task management app, helping individuals stay organised and manage their day-to-day duties. The app is filled with several features such as permitting users to sync their tasks across all devices, sharing lists with friends or colleagues and the capability to assign tasks to others.

Having a to-do list in place is something that should be considered for any mentoring program, encouraging mentors to set tasks for their mentees, helping with their professional and personal development. Microsoft To Do also gives mentees a clear view of what tasks need to be completed, with the app having the capability to sync calendars and emails, employees can easily be notified of any top priority tasks.

Google Calendar

Next on the list, is the infamous Google Calendar. The program that can turn the most unorganised person into a highly efficient one. This isn’t your average calendar, from scheduling meetings to coordinating calendars to find the best time to meet, everything you need is all in one place.

With a large collection of features, improving employee organisation has never been easier. When it comes to mentoring programs, one of the most commonly encountered difficulties is the time-management aspect. Google Calendar allows for mentees and mentors to meet at a time suited to both parties, with the notifications meaning a decreased number of missed meetings. The platform conveniently syncs all of the apps mentioned, making for seamless organisation.

Final Thoughts

With 67% of businesses reporting an increase in productivity and 55% seeing an increase in profits, mentoring is more important than ever for both the business and employees. Whether you’re considering implementing a mentoring program within your organisation or already have one, you need to ensure it's as convenient and user-friendly as it can be. One of the ways you can do this is by taking the time to view all the apps mentioned and seeing what ones work well for your organisation.

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