The Amazing Benefits of Mentoring Software

How mentoring software can help your organisation seamlessly incorporate mentoring into the workplace.

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Mentoring programs are now playing an increasingly important part in organisational strategy across the globe, as a way to improve employee engagement, retention and career progression. Despite many people knowing the value and importance mentoring can have on an individual's life, organisations are now realising the value it can bring to an organisation as a whole.

Setting up a mentoring program within an organisation can feel overwhelming at first, but the results are worth it. If you're sick of using spreadsheets to manually run a mentoring program or want to learn how a digital solution would make the mentoring processes within your organisation seamless, then keep reading.

What is mentoring?

What is mentoring? Traditionally speaking, mentoring is a one-to-one relationship between two individuals, called a mentor and mentee. They work together to help develop the mentee and help them achieve career progression, or work together to develop the skill set of the mentee.

The mentee is typically more junior within their role, with the mentee being more advanced in their career. The mentor works together with the mentee to offer them feedback based on their own personal experiences. The mentor has been there, had the t-shirt, and knows exactly what the mentee should be doing if they want to develop and progress.

However, there are many forms of mentoring such as reverse mentoring where a newer employee works together with a senior member of the team. This is typically done to help leadership comprehend different diversity and inclusion issues.

Group mentoring is also becoming increasingly popular, which can be described as a group of mentees working with a singular mentor to combat a similar challenge they face. This could be used for things such as onboarding or learning new skills required by the workforce as a whole.

The benefits of mentoring for organisations

When we think about mentoring, as mentioned, we typically think of the benefits associated with mentors and mentees. However, when it comes to the benefits for the overall organisation, some examples include:

• Improved employee performance across the organisation
• Helping employees develop the skills they need
• Providing opportunities for employees to progress within their careers
• Increased employee engagement
• Improved retention rates and higher chances of attracting top talent within your organisation
• Reduced training costs for employees
• Diversity and inclusion are improved within an organisation
• A mentoring culture can be created that puts learning first

What is mentoring software?

Mentoring software, which can sometimes be referred to as mentor management or mentoring platforms, is a digital solution to help make the mentoring process seamless within an organisation. Platforms, such as PushFar, have a range of tools to help organisations across the globe fulfil their mentoring needs and run a successful mentoring program.

PushFar, the world's leading mentoring and career progression platform, can be used by organisations to successfully run, track and manage a mentoring program, all in one place. Including features such as personal branding, CRM integration, report generating and goal setting. You can learn more about PushFar, by booking a free demonstration with us today.

What are the benefits of using mentoring software?

Mentoring software is incredibly beneficial for companies looking to incorporate mentoring into their strategy. The first prime example of mentoring software is that it reduces the time spent by L&D, HR and People Teams, by providing them with an all-in-one solution that easily helps them scale and track their mentoring program.

Compared to organisational training costs, mentoring programs are cost and time-effective, whilst being highly valuable and a true asset within any organisation. Mentoring programs such as PushFar can also be tailored to fit your mentoring needs. Whether you're looking to improve retention or want a program specifically for onboarding, PushFar's software can easily be tailored to each unique want and need.

Mentoring software is easier to use than manual methods of mentoring programs. In traditional circumstances where mentoring is done through spreadsheets, PushFar offers an easy-to-use solution for the program administrators. The easy-to-use software is also suitable for any employees, no matter how tech-savvy they are.

Matching can be done manually or through the algorithm with mentoring software. This helps reduce bias in the matching process and allows your employees the opportunity to take control of their learning.


Mentoring software is an incredibly powerful tool that organisations should implement, no matter how big or small. Mentoring software helps your program administrations easily navigate and run a mentoring program, whilst gaining much better results.

Mentoring is incredibly beneficial for both organisations and employees, and the implementation of a mentoring program will soon have your organisation prospering in no time. There are no disadvantages to providing your employees with the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally.

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