Why it is Beneficial to Have Multiple Mentors with Various Life Experiences

Mentorship is a very valuable and powerful connection to be found in life. In this article, we discuss why you should have more than one mentor.

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Mentorship is a very valuable and powerful connection to be found in life. As popular as the phrase and concept has become over the years, few people seem to ever take the opportunity in stride to find themselves a man or woman to mentor them. Whatever the reasons may be for this, the benefits are never lost on those persons who have and maintain a good mentor/mentee relationship.

What might be surprising to hear is that there is more value in having multiple mentors than just one over a long period of time. Being that so much of the world and the professional industry has shifted dramatically in the last decades, it only seems reasonable that the views of mentorship should change as well.

In that respect— especially in consideration that diversity in the workplace and a variety of experience is considered quite valuable nowadays— the point of having multiple mentors over a lifetime just fits the business world's trends.

There are other points as well that should be considered, but the main question someone should ask themselves is, “Will one mentor be enough to guide and support you in every aspect of my life?” The answer is likely. “No. Of course not.” In fact, there are problems that arise from having only one mentor.

The Problem of One

Whether it is navigating work politics, how to raise a family, starting a business, or just staying disciplined, a mentor is much more likely to offer sound advice. However, having only one person means that their perspectives are biassed, limited, and skewed to their social experiences, conditioning, beliefs and even grudges. The soundest of council can be soured by unresolved anger from a past bad experience.

Whatever you may be seeking advice on, having the ability to weigh multiple experiences and opinions will generate a web of advice that you can consider rather than being stuck in one way or type of thinking. Therefore, it only makes sense to seek out multiple mentors.

Available When Advice is Needed

You may have found a great fit in a mentor. You may talk easily and frequently, but no one is available all the time. There may come a point when the mentor that you are particularly fond of just isn't available. If your issue is a matter of urgency, that could be a big problem. Having a list of people that you can turn to for a variety of situations means that you always have someone to support you. They might not be the first person on your list, but someone will be able to help you work things out.

Building a Network

Today, people are more connected than ever before, that means if you don't happen to know an answer, another person you know might. Having a mentor means that you, in effect, have access to their network of colleagues, friends, and even family. Professionally, this means that your chances of having an introduction to different industries and businesses is much higher than if you were just cold calling someone you googled online.

Furthermore, a mentor, after time, has a great and intimate understanding of your person, ability, and flaws. This knowledge about you will help them to point you to the right people at the right time which can open many more doors, not just with companies they have heard of, but toward working with people that a mentor can vouch for.

Best of all, the personal or professional events that your mentor participates in as a part of their personal development will likely be inclined to invite you along. That means building your own network while learning with your mentor.

Multiple Perspectives

Reaching out to people from different walks of life and industries means that you are much more likely to find and fill that particular aspect of your life that requires a different perspective than your well-meaning parents. The concept is very similar to team collaboration in industry.

By bringing in multiple people with different racial perspectives, skill sets, and life experience means that the answers and solutions that are generated are not just different from what is typical, it may be entirely original. Listening to people who think differently from you or your regular circle means that you are much better equipped to make sound decisions no matter what the topic of life may be.

This article was guest written by Andrew Deen.

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