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5 Ways to Get Your Mentoring Programmes Working Effectively in 2019

Make Mentoring Programmes Work
In the recent past, employee engagement, staff retention and productivity have become more challenging. With a flourishing jobs market, it’s increasingly tricky to keep employees engaged, working effectively and ultimately happy. And yet, more and more individuals are now looking for mentoring to help them to get ahead in their career, industry and job
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Mentor Matching: 5 Important Factors & Considerations

Manage Mentor Matching
Mentor matching is a tricky task and there are a huge number of factors and considerations that come into play. Ultimately, matches are not always right. For whatever reason, it’s important to recognise that mentor matches won’t be 100% right all the time and that it is okay to end a mentoring relationship ahead of when you had
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Diversity and Inclusion – How Mentoring Can Help Your Organisation

Diversity & Inclusion Mentoring
Diversity and inclusion, D&I, LGBT+ Groups, BAME, equality, disability, the list goes on and on. It is all extremely important to consider if you want your employees to feel engaged, empowered and ultimately succeed within your organisation
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8 Tips to Hire Faster and Find the Perfect Candidate

Hire Candidates Faster
Hiring faster and finding that perfect candidate, the holy grail of recruitment! More and more business are looking to take their hiring in-house and away from expensive recruitment agencies, here are 8 tips that can help you hire faster and still find the perfect candidate
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8 Ways HR Directors Can Engage Their Employees in 2019

Keep Employees Engaged
Employee engagement is vital to organisational success. We all know this. And yet, we understand that it is harder than it might at first seem. There are a whole host of reasons as to why employees may feel disengaged with the organisation
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Student Mentoring - 5 Key Things to Know About It

Student Mentoring
Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or an educator working with students, the chances are that you’ll have come across the concept of mentoring. Mentoring is extremely valuable in learning, educating and developing (both personally and professionally). But the fact is that there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t entirely sure of what mentoring is, how it works and how it can benefit students
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Here’s Why Mentoring is Key to Staff Retention

Mentoring Staff Retention
Mentoring is the act of one professional helping another professional. And while that in itself doesn’t sound like such a big deal, it can be one of the simplest ways to ensure that your employees are engaged, productive and happy in their jobs. We gathered together the statistics from dozens of companies and researchers and consistently found a trend between those employees staying and those who are being mentored
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5 Top Tips for Career Development

Career Development & Progression
Career development is the art of climbing the metaphorical professional career ladder. This might present itself in the form of a pay rise, bonuses, promotion or increased responsibility – often it can present itself in all those forms and sometimes there are other perks too. Career development might include the additional responsibilities of managing others or it could mean looking after a larger client account
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5 Ways to Tackle Demotivation and Re-Motivate Yourself

Tackle Staff Demotivation
Feeling demotivated is horrible. As a start-up entrepreneur, it is something I often face. Here are my five top tips to help you get motivated again. These should work regardless of your situation – whether a student, a working professional, someone on the job-hunt, an entrepreneur or even if you are finding motivation difficult in your personal life! Follow these five steps to re-booting your motivation levels
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What is Mentoring?

What is Mentoring
At PushFar we talk a lot about mentoring. We are a mentor matching, career progression platform, after all. So, we thought we should go back to basics and address one key question – ‘what is mentoring?’. Mentoring is a term thrown around a lot. People speak of having a mentor to help them with their entrepreneurship, with the career progression, sometimes people speak of personal mentoring
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