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How Can I Plan Out My Career Path?

Career Mapping
Career progression is important. And having a plan to help you with your career progression is just as important. Even though 99% of the time your career won't take the same path as your plans, having the plan can help you to focus on whats important and act as a fantastic guide for how you spend your working days. But where to begin?
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10 Tips For People Who Don't Know What To Do With Their Career

Figure Out Your Career
If you're on this page then the chances are you're rather concerned about what to do with your life. You found this because you're struggling to work out which career you want to pursue, which jobs appeal to you and how you can figure it all out. Well, rest assured that you are not alone with this problem. Every year, millions of students from around the world graduate
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Why You Should Consider Professional Mentoring

Why Mentor
Have you ever thought about becoming a professional mentor? The reality is that we learn through our mistakes and if we can learn from others' mistakes, then that can help us to grow even more. Imagine if, when we had the odd question, concern or confusion in our professional life, we could turn to someone who's been there before and knows exactly what (or what not) to do?
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