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3 New Roles of the Human Resources Professionals in 2022

HR Professional
This article discusses the three primary functions of human resources professionals in 2022. But first, let us look into these new roles of modern HR professionals.
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5 Reasons Why Choosing A Mentor Early In Your Career Is the Right Decision

Meeting with mentor
Mentorship is one of the most underrated aspects of building the foundation of a long-lasting and fulfilling career.
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5 Tips for Levelling up Your CV After a Career Gap

2 Men Writing CV
Career gaps generally don’t look good on job applications, but if you can present them in a way that highlights how you grew and developed during your gap, then you’ll be much closer to earning more interviews. Read this article to learn five tips for writing a convincing CV after a career gap.
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The Importance of Corporate Training Within Businesses

Team Meeting in Office
Thankfully, there are many ways to go about equipping and upskilling employees, from helping them do their jobs better over time to providing personal and professional development opportunities that help them grow as people and teammates. This process usually takes the form of corporate training.
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Why you need SMART goals in mentoring (& examples for mentors and mentees)

Light Bulb Picture
When creating mentoring goals, whether you are a mentee or mentor, we recommend setting SMART goals to help you on your journey. Throughout this article, we will be exploring the meaning of SMART goals, how they add value to the mentoring relationships and examples of SMART goals for both mentors and mentees, to get you started on your journey.
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Mentoring For Retirement - A Personal Story by Robin Wong

"You Got This" Sign
Robin is a retired CEO, turned executive coach and mentor once retirement came. With years of wisdom to share, read his story to learn his best advice for retirement and how mentoring can help.
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How to Become a Better Human Resource Manager: 3 Ways to Further Your Career

Two Women Having Meeting
Human resource (HR) management is a job that entails not only hiring the right people for specific positions but also maintaining a healthy workforce within a company. If you want to further your career in this department, you need to be progressive in developing your skills and performing your duties. In this article, you will learn how to start a career as an HR manager and what it takes to become better at the job.
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Spotlight Mentoring Interview: Niyati Daftary (Mentee of the Month February 2022)

Meet Niyati Daftary
PushFar is proudly interviewing our open network members to learn more about their mentoring experiences and careers. If you want to know more about Niyati Daftary, keep reading.
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The Great Reshuffle - What We Have Learned So Far

Woman Looking Annoyed Working on Laptop
Once the world started slowly transitioning to vaccines and restrictions, those who were lucky enough to have been furloughed were coming back to the 9-5 life working from home - what is being called the Great Resignation, into the Great Reshuffle, was beginning.
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6 Easy Networking Tips You Need to Know About in 2022

3 Women Sitting Down with Laptops
Knowing how to network is an essential skill that's becoming increasingly necessary for professionals across the globe. In regards to networking, the circumstances are unique to each individual, however, throughout this article, we explore ways in which you can become more successful at networking and create true connections with others.
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