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5 Resume Tips for Those Making a Career Switch

In this article, we examine what skills to highlight, and other important aspects of writing a resume that will get the right kind of attention from potential employers.
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The Importance of Mentoring Training for Your Organisational Programme

Mentoring Meeting
We know that getting started with mentoring programme training can seem overwhelming, that’s why throughout this article we’ve listed the benefits of mentoring training and the types of training you can use to ensure programme success.
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Living With Diversity: Why Is It Important?

Job Interview
The importance of diversity is intrinsic to our daily lives. It is in the multiplicity that we find opportunities for learning and practising different skills: empathy, emotional intelligence and understanding.
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How to Find a Mentor in Your Area

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Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when searching for a mentor. Having some guidance about how to find a mentor in your area can make finding a mentor seem less daunting and more attainable.
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Why Transformational Leaders Make the Best Mentors Ever

Professional Female
This article elucidates the top reasons why transformational leaders are ideal for mentoring roles. On the other side of this article, you will certainly be convinced that if you wish to excel as a mentor, it is vital that you work on acquiring the attributes of a transformational leader.
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Why Internships Can Be A Great Place to Find Mentors

Working Team
In this article we explore the ways in which you can find a mentor during your internship and how it can benefit you long-term.
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5 Common Mentoring Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Your Next Session

Are you making these 5 common mentoring mistakes? Read this article to explore the common mistakes people make in mentoring and how you can avoid them.
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The Importance of Group Mentoring and How to Use It

Team Building
Throughout this article, we will be exploring the meaning of group mentoring, when it can be used and how you can get started.
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30 Leadership Words for Resume To Indicate You're a Leader

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This article explores the thirty leadership words for your resume to indicate you're a leader. It also shares some tips on describing your leadership qualities in a resume. Keep reading to learn more.
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How Mentoring Software Can Be Used to Run an Organisational Mentoring Program

Mentoring Training
Whether you already run a mentoring program or are looking at incorporating mentoring into your strategy, you need to understand the options available to help you make the process seamless. In this article, we will be covering the basics of mentoring and looking at how mentoring software can be used within your organisation.
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