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11 Tips For Writing The Perfect CV in 2021

CV and Resume Review
Writing a great CV is one of the most difficult hurdles we face while job hunting. With the market becoming increasingly competitive and recruiters only having a quick browse through before determining your fate at the company, it’s vital to make a lasting impression.
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Returning to the office? Here are 5 top tips to make the transition easier!

Returning to Offices
You’ve just got the company email, they want you back in the office next week. One day you're at home with your dog by your side and the flexibility to work from the garden on those sunny days, and the next you find yourself on the daily commute
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5 Reasons Why Your Retiring Employees Could Be The Perfect Mentor

Mentoring for Retired Professionals
Attracting and keeping employees has become increasingly important, with an enormous decrease in employee satisfaction over the last few years. As well as showing an improvement in satisfaction, there are many benefits seen when a company implements a mentoring program
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The 4 Most Common Mistakes People Make with Career Progression

Career Progression Professional
Career progression simply put is the path you take to progress within your career journey, whether you want to progress within your current role or start fresh in a completely new industry, the process can often be challenging to navigate.
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Reverse Mentoring and the Importance of Gen Z Engagement with Senior Leaders

Gen Z Reverse Mentoring
COVID-19 highlighted to many large corporates, the importance of organisational planning and consumer adaption. The swift move online from working-from-home to bolstering e-commerce capabilities for firms showed the importance and need for companies
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Mirroring Techniques in Mentoring: Role Models and The Role They Play

Mirroring in Mentoring
People have always imitated each other. Be they anonymous or famous individuals. Imitation, after all, is said to be the biggest form of flattery. Yes, mimicry plays an important part in our development. Being aware and wary of it is important
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LGBT+ Mentoring – Why Diversity Mentoring Matters and Its Impact

LGBT+ Mentoring
Mentoring is often cited as an extremely effective way to support diversity and inclusion initiatives and agendas within organisations, and with good reason. Mentoring is the act of one individual helping another to develop, progress and grow in their career
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Introducing PushFar Video Calling

PushFar Video Calling - Mentoring Platform
Since PushFar’s platform was first developed and launched, we have continually strived to push our technology further (no ‘PushFar’ pun intended) and evolve to help facilitate more meaningful mentoring connections, engagements and goal-supporting functionality
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10 Tips for People Managers To Attract Good People into your Organisation

Hiring Talent - Job Interview
In over 20 years working in the areas of people development and talent management, I have noticed several constant and reliable themes about the important role of managers which run true and consistent across industries, functions, sectors, geographies, culture, and fashionable trends
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4 Ways to be More Effective at Work

Productive People - Computer
Finding ways to be more productive and efficient at work is a skill that is highly desired by professionals all over the world. At times, particularly with the rise in remote working, it’s easy to feel that the number of tasks and the complexity of them is increasing exponentially each day
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