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How to Set Achievable Goals and Objectives

Goal Setting
Goal setting is an important process in life. It affects and impacts everything; from thinking about your ideal future and motivating yourself, to turning your vision of the future into reality. The goal-setting process can help you to get to where you want to go.
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Logical Reasoning, Professional Performance and How You Can Improve It

The Rubik's Cube for Logical Reasoning
Ahh, logic. Seems logical, right? Okay, we might have already lost you. Bear with us, this article contains a bit of history, some context, and a few ways in which you can improve your professional performance, with the power of logical reasoning
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Mentoring for Organisational Success: 4 Top Tips to Setting up Your Scheme

Mentoring in an Organisation
Mentoring is one of the single most effective ways to improve employee retention, engagement, cross-organisational knowledge sharing and assist with inclusion and diversity objectives too. So, simply put, mentoring is incredible! To find out more about what mentoring is and how you can get involved, check out our previous article
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What is mentoring and why should you get involved?

Two People Mentoring
Mentoring has been around for a long time. The word Mentor derives from Greek Mythology. Ulysses, before setting out on his epic voyage, entrusted his son Telemachus to the care and direction of his old and trusted friend, Mentor. In modern development terms, mentoring is a 1-2-1 two-way development relationship
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The Importance of Reading – 5 Key Benefits and 5 Recommended Books

A woman reading a book on her bed
Books, ebooks, newspapers or magazines, no matter which ones you decide to immerse yourself in, the simple act of reading is one of the most effective and accessible opportunities for both personal and professional development. It is through reading that one can disconnect from the real world, breaks the boundaries of the imagination, and discovers new universes, without having to go anywhere
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The Importance of Generating a Positive Personal Experience

Customer Experience
Whether entering a new mentoring relationship, signing contracts, closing a deal, networking at a professional event or as an organisation providing customer service, if you can create and generate a positive experience, it will help everyone, significantly. Thinking about a customer's experience means paying attention
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Is Reverse Mentoring for You?

Reverse Mentoring
We all know that mentoring is one of the most flexible, cost effective one- to- one methods for enabling personal development, particularly in the context of being a platform and enabler for career growth. Classically the younger or less experienced mentee seeks advice, and a reflective space to discuss their career goals with a mentor, who is
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Building a Construction Mentorship Programme: Top Tips for Contractors

Mentoring in the Construction Industry
The greatest asset of a construction company is its workforce. The competency of a construction firm’s employees is a huge competitive advantage, especially when bidding for contracts. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies are too keen to invest in attracting fresh talent, cultivating employees’ skills, and making them feel that they are key to fulfilling their companies’ mission
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The True Value of Diversity and Equality in Organisations

Diversity and Equality
Promoting equality and diversity, in all social and economic activities, should now be a no-brainer. Organisations are continuing to engage with diversity and inclusion (which is fantastic), but it is important to remember ‘why’ and what the true value of this is. In addition to strengthening organisational success, boosting business and promoting longer-term sustainable development, engaging with diversity
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10 Platforms of Courses to Help You to Upskill Yourself

Upskill Yourself
Continual development and knowledge-expansion are essential to professionals who wish to remain at the forefront of their industries and organisations. Investing in training will not only help you to ensure you stay where you need to be but bring additional opportunities to learning new strategies and market trends. The working world, in all industries, is constantly changing, and upskilling
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